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Home_Page_Montage_1Earls music productions is a full service music production company with studio headquarters in Los Angeles. Owned and run by producer, engineer, mixer & composer Lynne Earls. With an extended community of world class musicians and strong creative team, the company offers a very personalized recording experience tailored to your need that is both economically efficient but creatively rich.

Whether you are looking to track live in the studio, overdub, edit, mix, voice over/ADR, podcasts, full production packages, shoot your EPK or live video footage or have custom composition and tracking for your film/documentary or advert, we can put together a budget and take care of scheduling and booking easily and quickly!

International projects can avail of our team of players, mixers, programmers and artist here in Los Angeles that they may not find in their local communities. We can co-ordinate sessions and work with our clients abroad to make sure they capture something they are fully satisfied with and enable a way of working remotely that still allows for a collaborative session with the client.

Feel free to contact Lynne to discuss your upcoming project.
Email: info@earlsmusicproducitons.com


EMP studios are located in Los Angeles, owned and run by engineer & producer Lynne Earls. With over 15 years’ experience as an engineer, coupled with Lynne’s ‘by feel and by ear’ approach to recording, EMP offers a comfortable and creative environment that allows capturing of the best performances and tones. Artists and musicians can relax and focus on what matters most: the music. The studio can accommodate 4 to 5 musicians live, with individual headphone cues, high end vintage and modern outboard gear and mics, combined with vintage plate reverbs allow for warm tones, a rich sound in a comfortable and private setting.



The studio is located in Valley Village CA and was built by the drummer from White Zombie ‘Ivan De Prume’. Over the course of 10 years he converted what was a three car garage into a 1000 sq foot, fully sound proofed and acoustically treated recording studio with control room, live room, kitchen, bathroom and patio. Taken over by Lynne Earls in 2007, the studio is now the home of EMP which is a music production company and recording studio.



EMP Studios boasts not only one but also two fully functional Stereo Plate Reverbs.

The EMT 140
The Elektro-Mess-Technik 140 was originally built in 1957 to emulate the warmth of a large space for those studios without access to such rooms. This is the 1961 EMT 140s: a Mono to Stereo design of the preferred solid state version. It has very low self-noise and the amp was recently rebuilt by Tom Herzer.

The EchoPlate
The Stereo EchoPlate, built in the early 80s by Jim Cunningham, creates a broadness and depth unmatched by other reverb emulators.

Inside each plate reverb unit is a large, vibrating, thin metal sheet suspended by springs from a rigid metal frame enclosed in a wooden box. The audio fed from a console vibrates the plate from the center then transducers (pickups) receive and send the now-processed audio back to the console. An external dial controlling an internal damping pad pressed against the metal plate carefully adjusts the “reverb time”- a way of varying the size of the room being emulated.

Both plates produce a rich mid-range and smooth high-end sound, creating a whole world, a snapshot into a bygone time and a sound that is hauntingly familiar for vocals and drum sounds.



  • Live Tracking – 4 to 5 players with good isolation, personal headphone cues, good sight lines
  • Overdubs – warm sounding room, great for string quartet, drum & percussion tracking, vocals, etc.
  • Editing – specializing in vocal comping, tuning, sweetening, drum editing & programming
  • Mixing – we love to mix! Master ready mixes in multiple formats and versions, revised to your taste
  • Session Musicians – we have a close team of accomplished and highly dedicated musicians on hand
  • Production – song choice, choosing the right team for all aspects of production, budgeting & scheduling, to final delivery
  • Project Management – we can help maximize your time, keeping your project on track
  • Live Video Shoots & EPKs – To view some videos shot here at EMP studios click here
  • Voice Over, ADR & Podcasts – fully isolated, quiet & comfortable room with a living room feel


Producer, Engineer, Mixer & Composer

A producer-engineer-mixer and composer: At Capitol, Henson, Village Recorders or in her own homey, tree-shaded studio. Lynne Earls is attuned to creativity, imaginative insight and a passion for the process of recording music.

Over the past year and a half, Lynne has been behind the board for projects with multiple Grammy award-winning producer Larry Klein, working with legendary musicians like Booker T. Jones, Wayne Shorter and Diana Reeves, Lizz Wright, JD Souther & Billy Childs. While Lynne possesses the requisite recording skills, what she also adds to sessions are essential powers of perception. “Knowing what to say and when to say it, or if it should be said at all!” she says. “And that what feels most natural is staying as close to that first instinct and response to the music before it becomes labored or overthought.”

Originally from Wicklow, Ireland, Lynne earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Sound Technology at the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts, a college co-founded by Sir Paul McCartney, in Liverpool, UK. Before Macca handed off the degree, she had traveled to London to assist producer Nellee Hooper (Björk, U2, Madonna); to Ireland to record a symphony orchestra for a BBC project, and to track a full-length project, The Moment, for the distinguished Irish singer-songwriter Jimmy MacCarthy.

In 1998, she met Diana Booker, the daughter of preeminent Brazilian musicians Flora Purim and Airto Moreira, and her husband Krishna Booker. Lynne created remixes for the duo’s electronica project Eyedentity, and as a result of this international connection, was invited to travel to Los Angeles to work with the family’s creative enterprise, Airflow Productions. In the U.S., Lynne’s resume expanded to encompass labels like Hollywood Records, Interscope, Blue Note and Nonesuch; producer Keith Forsey, and artists including Billy Idol, Terri Nunn (Berlin), Adam Cohen and Sheila Nichols.

Through their shared commitment to a musical summer camp for kids presented by Tools for Peace, Lynne encountered Canadian recording artist KD Lang. Over time, this friendship evolved into a creative partnership as represented in two gold records awarded to Lynne for engineering, programming and editing lang’s Nonesuch release Watershed.

Close to Lynne’s heart and home is a custom boutique catalogue of music called One Street Over, created in conjunction with her friends and neighbors who include Jennifer Condos, a bassist and songwriter, drummer Jay Bellerose and guitarist and songwriter Mark Goldenberg. Community is key, as the core musicians – all world-class players – live, as the name suggests, “one street over” from Earls Music Productions, Lynne’s well-appointed studio. “I might have a request in the morning for custom music from a music supervisor or an ad agency, and within a few hours have the session up and running with authentic results,” she says.

Across a wide spectrum of genres, Lynne’s recording philosophy reflects what she believes to be her primary focus: Revealing the emotional essence of a musical moment through the art of sonic photography. “Recording should be like a candid photograph as opposed to a staged one,” she explains. “It’s microphones instead of lenses. And my goal is to catch the best light at the perfect second without drawing the attention of the players away from the moment.”



“Lynne is a musical, facile and super- conscientious engineer. A generous and sweet presence in the studio, it’s been a joy for me to work with her!” – Larry Klein (Producer)


“Working with Lynne Earls is a brilliant combination of very relaxed and yet extremely expedient. A very focused, steady hand at the board……and a lightning fast editor.” – Kd Lang (Nonsuch)

“Lynne is a unique presence of highly adaptable skill, relentless focus and grace.”
– Lizz Wright (Concord)

“Lynne has huge ears and is very in-tune with the music and what’s needed for each moment. She is fully present as an engineer, anticipating people’s needs and responding very efficiently to any situation while keeping everything relaxed and fluid. Lynne has a great vibe and loves music, which makes such a difference when you are tracking a fast record. I loved working with her!”
– Luciana Souza (Sunnyside Records)

“I’ve been recording music professionally for 11 years now. I’ve been in hundreds of sessions, written and recorded with producers and writers at the very top of their game and have been fortunate enough to have released 6 studio albums. In that time I can count on one hand the amount of studio engineers that have had a lasting impression on me. Lynne Earls is in that number. Professional, friendly, fast and accurate. Not much more you could ask for.”
– Lemar (IE Music UK)

“If I had my pick of engineers, and I do, I’d rather have Lynne Earls flying the desk than anyone.”
– JD Souther (Sony Masterworks)

“Love my sessions with Lynne , a true professional yet open minded enough to follow my unorthodox requests ! And it always sounds amazing !”
– Mocky (Producer)


“Lynne Earls is the definition of professionalism. She is an artist behind the board and truly creates a beautiful sonic environment. It also helps that she is one of the nicest people around. Whenever she works on a project of mine, I feel very comfortable because I know it will turn out great!” Billy Chiilds (Sony Masterworks)



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